Angolo internazionaleOur Law Firm, over the years, has entered into a number of valuable partnerships with leading law firms both at local/national and international, operating in different areas depending on the issues tackled together. Relationships that have gradually consolidated over time to become real partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.
Now, with reference to individual sectors, we work with law firms in:

Milan (banking law, commercial law, international law, labour law)
Rome (banking law, consulting for companies)
Venice (civil law, labour law)
Bolzano (consulting for companies)
Modena (administrative law, criminal law)
Mantova (criminal law, family law)
Vancouver – New York (international contracts, sales representative contracts)
Moscow – Bucarest (international contracts, real estate)
Frankfurt (banking law, criminal law, international law)
Paris – Barcellona – Munchen – Lisbon (consulting for companies, international law, labour law)