Civil Law


  • General Civil law
  • Consumer Protection  – Warranties – Defects

Particularly, we protect the consumers and the Companies with regard to warranties on defective  goods , or assist them in disputes against Tel.Co operators, or evaluating the validity of contracts concluded outside business premises or those in which the will of the consumer has not formed properly.

  • Credit Recovery – Enforcement Proceedings

Both for individuals and companies, we attend  debts recovery , providing specific advice for each situation.

  • Leases

We provide preventive advice in relation to residential and commercial contracts, or even temporary rental or special needs. We assist owners in the recovery of rents, evictions, and in the renewal of contracts.

  • Sales
  • Property Disposals

we assist our clients in contractual negotiations and drafting of sales contracts relating to property, land and real estate in general.

  • Insurances

we provide assistance and advice to our Clients in dealing with insurance Companies for accidents, injuries, claims, professional insurance,  employees insurance.

  • Compensations – Legal reparations
  • Small businesses Contracts
Specific consultancy to help solving all problems of drafting contracts in commercial and everyday relationships.
  • Condominium

We support the property Managers in the management of condominiums, and apartments owners in their neighborhood relations and management of their property.

  • Inheritances

We assist the heirs in the distribution of the inheritance, both in legal or testamentary succession; we also provide assistance in the drafting of wills.